MAY, 2017

Hey my coupon cuties or better yet cutiepons.

Of course you’re here to save time and money and boom that’s exactly what we are going to do today. I am so glad that you have come to coupons made ez. I have designed this website to make it easy for you to use coupons. I have taken out all the homework, guess work and removed the exhausting time from this whole process if you just follow what I did you can have the same results as I have had.

Step One View that circulars that are delivered straight to your home.

Literally grab a pencil and circle every item you have a coupon for. Now you may or may not use the coupon this is one thing you will have to determine on  your own. How much are you willing to spend on an item. Now if it’s a stock up item which means
you will grab as many as you can your price should not go over .50cent or less.  Now to avoid this step you may also use an app called Flipp  App.  In the flip app you will have to type in your item in the search engine. This app is a search engine of “some” of your local store circulars…key word here is some. It currently does not have every store world wide. In the search engine you would type in Barilla pasta and wait for a list of stores to pop up.

Watch below to see the full process:

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Step two

Grab the correct circular with the coupon that you are going to use. For this example here we used a .75 cent barilla pronto pasta coupon. The Barilla pasta coupon is located in the 4/30/17 Red Plum. Grab each circular and tear out the entire page that your going to cut, stack them up one by one or page by page. Once you have them stack up my suggestion is you cut them in small stack of 8-10 so that you don’t accidentally cut the bar code or the date off of the coupon. If you accidentally cut either the coupon is void of use. Once you are finished cutting what you need keep the other coupons on that page they may come in use at a later date?

Step Three

Grab your items that you have a coupon for. Always know the store policy on coupon usage before you go. In the example I went to Giant Food. Giant food will only double four coupons in each transaction. Which mean you can only use four that will double at one time. If you have multiple coupons you will have to do multiple transaction just like I did in the example here. Which mean you will have to pack patience.

Sale 1.00 for barilla pronto pasta
Coupon .75 cent Barilla pronto pasta which doubled

See you cutie-pons later

Let me continue saving you time and money!

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