To Coupons Made EZ where we “Save You Time And Money”.  I aim to provide you with easy couponing tips that you can apply now. I have done all the work to make learning how to  coupon easy and affordable. I am glad you have taken the time to find out more about the process. I am here to educate you, coach you, and cheer you on to SAVINGS!

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Coupons Made EZ Ebook

This book has been designed to teach you how to coupon.  This book will show you the basic principles of saving money at the stores that accept coupons.  This book contains seventeen stores and how to shop at each of these as well as their coupon policy.  I have also included instructions on how to obtain printable coupons as well as coupons straight from the manufacturer.  Please enjoy the Text Codes included in this book, all you will need is a cell phone to begin saving right away.  By following these basic steps you will be well equipped to begin you new journey in couponing.  Happy Couponing!



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 6 Week On-line course

Pre-Register for my 6 Week On-line course Now. The price will go up once the course is launched. The Course Starts July 1, 2017. There will be 6 Modules as well as weekly group sessions. We will cover the basic principles of couponing as well as advance couponing techniques. This course includes my signature tips and strategies to get the best deals.

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Save Time

When you use my methods you will save time when couponing.  I provide you a step-by-step guide for getting the best deals. Click the button to find out more information

Save Money

When you use my methods you will save money when couponing.  I provide you with all the information to save you money.  I tell you where the deals are located and for how long.

Couponing Ez Training

Do you need a more hands on approach?  Sign up for details about my upcoming training course.

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